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We are the oldest Japanese Language School in south India.
The school was started in 1974, by M.R.Ranganathan limiting teaching Japanese to those ABK -AOTS Selected trainees before they left for Japan from his house. The alumni association received a formal approval to function as an ABK ALUMNI ASSOCITION from our most respected HOZUMI SENSEI on 3rd July 1975. This was possible only because of the support of my teacher Ken Kumagai san and Ogiso san of ABK. Later in the same year we had formal inauguration by Mr Ishiwata of AOTS at Chennai. We were called as ABK DOSOKAI TAMILNADU CENTER What was being done as a simple one to one teaching at home only to ABK selected trainees took the shape of a language school with 8 students and M.R.Ranganathan as the teacher teaching Romanised Japanese. We thank Mr. Lion K.R.Sundarrajan , (K R S) who was kind enough to give us free classroom in the IIET , (Indian Institute of Engineering Technology). After the demise of our beloved Hozumi sensei when ABK and AOTS split, we changed our name as ABK AOTS DOSOKAI TAMILNADU CENTER. Thanks to AOTS and Japan Foundation we started building a library.

We also moved from Romanized Japanese to script level learning and our students started to take up JLPT in New Delhi. Thanks to the formation of Federation of AOTS Alumni associations of India all the 7 AOTS Alumni Associations in India became registered bodies and we registered ourselves as a registered society, a NGO (NPO) under the Tamilnadu Societies Registration ACT and later go our FCRA clearance form Home Ministry Government of India.

We are registered with Income Tax authorities as a Non Profit body under 12(A) and we also have a 80 G approval. So SASAKAWA FOUNDATION Japan gave us donation so that we could buy our own school space in Nelson Manickam road, a road that connects West and central Chennai, very near to Ponamalle High Road In the Chennai Bangalore corridor and Nungampakkam railway station . Thanks to again Sasakawa Foundation, we could buy our second space and when Madras Management Associations, which was in the same floor as our in the Chateau de Ampa building, thanks to the support from Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan and timely loan from Karur Vysya bank Anna Nagar we bought the space vacated by MMA. Today the school has its own space of 12,000 sq feet with 10 class rooms , an auditorium, and a seminar cum Exhibition Hall. we are only Japanese language school in south India and one of the 5 in India to be recognised by Japan foundation, under the Sakura Network program. The Japanese language experts for South India from Japan Foundation have their offices with our school. The school has 30 + well trained, by Japan Foundation and AOTS, Japanese language teachers with experience in teaching. We have 3 native Japanese teachers in our rolls. For convenience of Students in different location in Chennai and western Tamilnadu, we have allowed our own students with N2 and above to organize, and administer our Franchise Japanese language schools. In Chennai we have in Tambaram, Thiruvanmiyur, Navalur - OMR, Perungudi.

In western Tamilnadu we have in Coimbatore, Karur, Erode and Bangaluru. We have been entrusted with the responsibility of conduction JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency test) from 2002 and also NAT Test almost on par with JLPT by Senmon Kyoiku Japan for the last 2 year in Tamilnadu. We have 12 multi skilled, well trained staff to support the school and other activities.

The school also caters to the needs of students and focuses on the overall development and ensures that students get quality Japanese language education through related Japan cultural activities through Waku Waku club, Japanese Speech club, Japanese Singing Group, interact with Native Japanese through Shiru Miru club, our teachers use “coffee meet” to interact with Chennai Japanese House wives. We carry out through out year, a number of Cultural, Japanese language related speech competitions etc, to give the students great exposure to the language. Many leading educational institutions in India, IT and manufacturing companies both in India and Japan, not only use our services for teaching Japanese , but also employ our students and use our interpreters and translators. As the oldest Japanese Language school in South India with excellent track record, we are very happy to offer the best teaching Faculty, A class infrastructure, well trained staff to offer prompt and courteous service to the students.

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We are located in the heart of the city very near Nungampakkam Railway station. We have our own 12,000 sq feet of floor space with 10 class rooms, an auditorium, and a seminar cum Exhibition Hall.All the class rooms have WI-Fi connection and we have 2 separate 2 Mbps lines for connecting the Nett and also for Video conferencing. We have our won Video conferencing facility for remote teaching to students in out of Chennai locations. We have full fledged library of books and Videos (CD/ DVD). We have nearly 6000 books and 500 videos in our library for learning Japanese. All our class rooms are also Air conditioned, to be used only when needed. We have a server room, the brain of the school, with 6 servers which also hold 60 TB of Japanese Language learning material like books, Audio, video files, quizzes, test papers which are connected by intranet to 4 terminals of our A/V lab. Of course because of copyright issues the terminals are software blocked so that no one can copy of the material.

All the classrooms also have CCTV cameras installed for security reasons. Since we regularly screen Japanese Movies, Animes we have our own Yamaha audio and Projection systems for regular big screen projection of movies. For all the classes we have 20 separate laptops with teaching material loaded and also projectors. We have advanced photo copiers, more the 300 karaoke CDs. Our Nagaaki Yamamoto Seminar cum Exhibition hall and the Kumagai auditorium have while spot lights. We have 10 FM mikes and amplifiers etc both for the seminar hall and auditorium. Every class room has a Television and one class room has a smart board. The school also has 2 numbers of 2 wheelers for delivery purposes.

The teaching resources are being shared between the main school and the franchises. We have one best schools in India in terms of own space for Classrooms, equipment, infra structure and supporting staff to handle and manage all these.


Besides books, we have a huge collection of videos, audios, movies, anime, dramas, CDs, DVDs and video tapes through which one can get a feel of Japan. All the videos are categorized according to the 5 levels and loaded onto our server. These can be viewed from our AV Lab which has 4 computers. All the students and teachers of our language school are entitled to use all of these resources for FREE.


All our teachers are actively working on creating new teaching aids and supporting materials like power point presentations, E-cards, Q&A booklets, model question papers, Kanji flash cards, practice sentences, etc., at our research centre. All of them are stored as both hard copies and soft copies.


We have a state-of-the-art video conference facility and are fully equipped to handle online courses through Skype.

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