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Hiyoshi Corporation is a comprehensive environmental company located in Japan which has been observing global environment for over a half century. Especially in India, our activity has been started since 1980's through ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI Tamil Nadu Centre to protect Indian environment. And now HIYOSHI INDIA ECOLOGICAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED has established. With over 50 years of Hiyoshi’s experience we will deepen our spirit of “Think of Ecology” and everyday we endeavor so that we can help to improve Indian environment.


Hiyoshi started relationship with India in 1980's and it will be almost 20 years now. Since 1995, we have relationship with ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI in Chennai through the speech contest, sending expert to environmental seminars, accepting trainees, etc. In 2003, the 50 years of diplomatic relationships between Japan and India, "HIYOSHI-DOSOKAI" was established in ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI by past speech contest winners and people who had been trained at Hiyoshi. And "HIYOSHI HALL" was established in Chennai. In the same year, Hiyoshi made a contract with SOFIL (Which is now merged with SRM) on business collaboration. In 2005, we made an agreement on accepting internship from SRM Deemed University. And in the future, we will continue and expand our relationship with India. Read more...

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