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Faculty - Training

We identify students who are interested in teaching and have completed JLPT N3 level and give them training to become a teacher. We generate our own teachers periodically and give them ample opportunities to grow. Our teacher trainer Ms. Durga Ramachandran trained by Kyoko Ogawa sensei from Japan foundation conducts teacher training effectively and brings in more and more teachers.

AOTS training

The AOTS technical training is a certified training that is made up of introductory training (General Orientation Course) held at a AOTS Training Center (Japan) to teach about the Japanese language, culture and society of Japan, and practical training (Specialized Technical Training) to teach about the specific technical skills like Japanese teaching methodologies etc. The General Orientation Course is divided into four courses based on the Japanese language ability that will be required in the Specialized Technical Training.

Japan Foundation Training

Certified Training program by Japan Foundation The Japan Foundation New Delhi supports Japanese language education around the South Asia to ensure that people who want to learn Japanese get the proper environment and quality to learn Japanese language. To do so, we especially put our focus on following two areas. Training of teachers, supporting their networks Introducing new teaching methods, bringing diverse option for teaching Japanese. 17 faculties from our very own center have attended this training and have trained many more in the school after their return. The list of faculties who have attended this training is listed in the table.
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Japanese Native Teachers – Japan Foundation

Our school hosts native Japanese teachers from Japan Foundation every year, who immensely enrich our faculty on various aspects of Japanese teaching. In the past two years, we have hosted Kyoko Ogawa sensei and currently, Kanae Nakaya sensei and Jun Arisue sensei - Japanese language advisors, Japan Foundation, who teach our faculty from basic to advance contents in teaching techniques, Kana writing, pronunciation, business Japanese etc. They hold discussions in teaching methodologies on text books for studying Japanese language like Minna no Nihongo and Marugoto. All our teachers have been attending these training sessions regularly and have been certified by Japan foundation.

Kanagawa Prefecture Training

Kanagawa prefecture training programme is conducted and funded by the Kanagawa prefectural government , where they host students from various countries who stay in Kanagawa and study on various fields. In this certified 8 month course which comes under the supervision of the prefectural Governor, supports participants to acquire knowledge and relevant experience in their chosen field. Our faculties listed on the table have attended the course on Intensive Japanese language teaching techniques and other fields.
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Kizuna Project

"The Youth-Exchange Project with Asia-Oceania and North America (Kizuna (bond) Project)" is a project run by the Japanese government with the objective of promoting other countries' understanding with regards to Japan's revival efforts in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake. The project invites young people from 41 different countries/regions in Asia-Oceania and North America, allowing them to participate in exchange programs, visit disaster-affected areas and engage in volunteer activities. It also involves sending young people from Japan to target countries/regions. Over 12,000 people are to become part of the exchange through this project. The names mentioned in the table are the list of our school faculties who have attended the program.
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Sakura Network basic training programme

This training program is designed to provide teachers of the Japanese language who belong to organizations of the Sakura Network, are early experience in teaching the Japanese language and are necessary to improve Japanese language skills further, with an opportunity to improve Japanese language skills and to deepen their knowledge of Japan.
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