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We plan every year in the Month of December the next year’s Activities. We indicate dates and palce in the plan .

The activities are divided in to two parts

Regular annual planned activities
Unplanned activities as and when asked either by the consulate
   General of Japan and or Japan Foundation.
Visits from Japan Realted organizations and Japanese Vistors

Unplanned activities

Japan Foundation sponsored Exhibitions & supported by Consulate General of Japan

Regular annual planned activities:

Japan Cultural week and related activities
Hiyoshi ABK AOTS Talk your way to Japan.
Hiyoshi ABK AOTS Japan Summer Internship Program
Hiyoshi ABK AOTS Environmental award.
Japan Education Fair
Mosai Southern Regional speech competition

Japan Night - a talent show Japanese language schools in annual 5 South India
Japanese stmap Exhibition
Ukiyo e prints exhibition.
Annual 5 award Ceremony
Annual AFQD QC convention
Annual Japan Photo exhibition

Events calendar

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