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   Higher Education and Job Placement

Why Study in Japan The number of students studying abroad is constantly growing, and there are now more than 1.5 million foreign students studying around the world. As of May 2012, 138,075 are international students in Japan. Students considering studying in Japan are drawn by its high standard of education and affordable tuition.

Standards of Education
International students in Japan will receive the benefits of some of the highest educational standards in the world. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD, has ranked Japanese high school students number one in the world for mathematics, and number two for scientific literacy. In addition, Japan has the highest number of Nobel prize winners of any other Asian country. 49% or Japanese high school students go on to enter one of Japan's 700 universities. Ten of those universities rank in the top 200 worldwide.
Our School’s participation
Our school hosts and supports education fair every year and have connections with universities in Japan. We have coordinated and conducted university & country introduction sessions for prospective students who wish to study in japan, at our Center . Many of our students have taken UG and PG courses in Japan. We have ties with Ritsumeikan university Nagoya university, Japan.
Job Placement
Japan has an ageing population and is need of young resources in many fields. Japanese language plays an important role and gives an edge over other resources. With our partners and network in Japan we will coordinate and help the right candidates in their placement process.

   Japenese Interpretation Service

We provide Japanese Language Interpretation services As a part of the Language services, we offer Interpretation services. Language being one of the crucial barriers in cross-country businesses & MNCs, our well-trained & experienced faculty can help bridge the communication gap and support you in smoothening out the creases and aid in taking an effective and culture sensitive approach. Read more...

Our expertise lies in English to Japanese , Japanese to English interpretations, Douji interpretation or real time interpretation, telephonic interpretation, Skype interpretations. Our faculty can also be deployed to your facility in India or abroad. Our pool of interpretation experts have knowledge across fields, to name a few, Manufacturing industry, Service industry, Chemical industry, IT industry, Finance, TPM, TQM, Deming Auditing and also Government Missions. As one of our charitable services, we provide voluntary Japanese Language Support Services to Laryngectomy patients who attend the Esophageal Speech Therapy Workshop organized by the Cancer Research & Relief Trust (CRRT) that is held every year in the month of February.

   English / Tamil Courses For Native Japnese

We conduct English and Tamil courses for Native Japanese expats (Children & Adults) living in Chennai. These are custom made courses depending on the existing English / Tamil knowledge of the student. Duration, study materials and intensity of the course depends on the student's requirement.

   Japanese Translation Service

Right through out recorded history, written documents and scripts has given humans a better perspective and insight to a lot of things. Similarly, in the modern world, various occupational documents and other manuals helps one understand thought processes, approach, operating procedure and how different they are from your very own practices. Here again, language can be a barrier, that is when one can avail Read more...

the expertise of our translation services. We provide Japanese Language Translation services across fields, to name a few of our technical expertise, industrial manuals, machine layouts, Memorandum of Association, documents and drawings from Japanese to English and vice versa. More than 1500 industries in and around Tamil Nadu have utilized our expertise and have benefited.

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